23 May – Catch Returns

* catch and release has stopped on the rainbow lakes

Best fish of the week were 5lb and 6lb 8ozs, both from Little Bognor.

Keep well hidden on the river

Mayfly were hatching all day and the trout were free rising. It’s the perfect time to visit the river.

16 May – Catch Returns

Great Springs
* including 2 wild fish

The water temperature in the rainbow lakes has reached 18 degrees, catch and release has therefore finished until later in the year.

Catch Returns – 8 May


The format of the catch returns has changed again. Each week, time and photography permitting, the catch returns will be summarised and published together with any news. This will enable regular email notifications to be sent to subscribers.

River Day

Kick sampling at the new riffle

The River Day on Sunday was very well attended, everyone listened intently to Andrew’s explanation of kick sampling and re-wilding the river.

A good fish on a pheasant tail nymph

Mark Temple gave a casting demonstration, explained about tackle for the river and caught a nice fish to demonstrate his tactics !


The AGM and BBQ will be held on 22 May from 12 noon at Great Springs.

Catch Returns

1 May


25 April


18 April


11 April

Good to see such a high percentage of fish returned

Biggest fish from the lakes; 9lbs 8ozs from Great Springs, 1 x 6lbs, 2 x 5lbs, 3 x 4lbs and 3lbs 8ozs on a wide variety of flies.

4 April


Biggest fish 6lbs 8ozs, 2 x 5lbs and 4lbs

28 March

The river is not open yet

Biggest fish 7lbs 10ozs, 9lbs 12ozs, 3 x 5lbs and 2 x 4lbs.

21 March


Many of the fish were over 2lbs, the best was 8.5lbs. Three fish over 5lbs and two at 4lbs were also caught. A great opening week with the vast majority of fish returned to the lakes.

Great Springs
Frog spawn, trout feed on the tadpoles

Catch and Release

Catch and release is optional, members can retain fish for the pot or release them. If you are going to release trout, you must use a barbless hook. Wild fish from Little Bognor or the Rother must be returned.

After hooking a trout play it out quickly and use a landing net with a fine knotless mesh. If possible do not touch the fish, barbless hooks normally drop out once the line is slack. If you must handle the fish, use wet hands. Release it from the landing net. That will enable you to nurse the fish until it can maintain an upright position and swim out of the net unaided. It might take a few minutes for the fish to fully recover. If you release a trout from your hands before it’s fully recovered, it may sink to the bottom of the lake and die. If the fish is bleeding it should not be returned. If you are in doubt don’t return the trout. It is a good idea to use a pan shaped net to give the fish room to recover. A long handle enables safe netting and release.

The links below give more detailed advice.

End of Season

Tuesday Club Lunch

The Tuesday Club end of season lunch was held at The Badgers near Coultershaw Bridge and was well attended. It was good to meet and chat about the season’s fishing.

Ironically,  the river looked in good condition, clear with a greenish tint.

A few members took advantage of the brief period of mild weather and fished into dusk on the last day. The weeks running up to the end of the season were very productive. Good numbers of trout, including some monsters, were caught from all of the lakes.

In the last week of the season members visited the lakes on 71 occasions and caught 83 trout, 63 of which were returned. The fish that were returned should overwinter and produce great fishing next March.

Six fish of 4lbs were caught from four lakes and a monster of over 9lbs was captured at Luffs. As usual a very wide variety of nymphs and lures were used ranging from a Perdigon to a Cats Whisker.

22 November

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 104 occasions and caught 127 trout, 102 of which were returned. It was an excellent week !

There were a lot of good fish caught from every lake. The trout were caught on a very wide variety of flies ranging from a Perdigon to an Ace of Spades.

Several trout of 4lbs were caught from Great Springs, Little Springs and Lower Figgs. A fish of 6lbs and two of 5lbs were caught plus the biggest fish of the week at 8lbs, the latter from Lower Figgs.

The final week of the season should see similar catches as the weather looks stable and there are plenty of trout to be caught.