20 November


Lakes – The weather last week was changeable but it didn’t prevent members from visiting the lakes. During 19 visits 12 trout were caught, mainly from the top lake at Little Bognor. Half of the total number of fish caught were over 2lbs and 2 wild fish were returned at Little Bognor.

Work to restore Lower Figgs continued. When the work is complete the Estate Maintenance team will turn their attention to Great Springs.

13 November

Lakes – The rain and cold north wind kept members away from the lakes last week but those who ventured out were rewarded with good fishing. Members visited the lakes on 12 occasions and caught 8 fish. A 3lb rainbow was caught from Great Springs and a brown of 3lb 8ozs was the best of three browns from Little Bognor.


Work to restore Lower Figgs began today. The banks will have a steeper profile to reduce marginal weed growth and the silt is being removed. The Estate Maintenance team are doing an excellent job and are making good progress.


6 November


Lakes – The autumn colours around the lakes are spectacular. The more settled weather encouraged members to make the most of the last month of the season. There were 29 visits to the lakes and 13 trout were caught including 4 fish over 2lbs. The fish were caught at Great Springs, Little Springs and the top lake at Little Bognor.

There were lots of trout rising at Little Bognor late this afternoon. A long leader, a fine tippet and small flies are recommended as the fish are very shy.


Lower Figgs is empty and it is hoped to start work excavating the lake next week.

1 November

Lakes – The cold nights lowered the water temperature and the trout became much more active. Members visited the lakes on 20 occasions and caught 18 trout including 7 over 2lbs and 2 wild fish from the top lake at Little Bognor. The fish in Little Springs were very active this afternoon, four were caught in a brief period at lunch time.


River – The season on the river ended today. Over the last nine days members visited the river on 34 occasions and caught 19 trout including 2 over 2lbs and one fish of 3lbs.


23 October

Lakes – The tail end of a hurricane, red dust from the desert and torrential rain discouraged people from fishing. The lakes were visited on 17 occasions and 4 trout were caught. Low water temperature and good levels of dissolved oxygen are encouraging the fish to feed. This afternoon several trout were rising to hatching buzzers on both lakes at Little Bognor. Lower Figgs in now completely empty and drying out.


River – During the weekend the water level was at it’s highest since March. Bad weather also kept members away from the river earlier in the week. Members visited the river on 10 occasions and caught 5 fish, one of which was over 2lb. No sea trout or wild trout were caught. The season on the river ends next Tuesday and there are plenty of fish to be caught if the weather is kind.


16 October


Lower Figgs

Lakes – Members visited the lakes on 25 occasions and caught 6 trout, 3 of which were over 2lbs. A trout of 4lb was caught from Little Bognor.

Lower Figgs has been drained so that the silt and weed can be removed. The lake will be left to dry out, excavated and refilled well before the start of next season.


A wild trout

River – The weather was good and the river level allowed members to fish each day. Members visited the river on 31 occasions and caught 33 trout including 14 over 2lbs, a sea trout of 4lbs and 4 wild trout. Most of the fish were caught from Beat D, Rotherbridge.

Fishing on the river ends on 31 October.

9 October


Lakes – The weather was perfect for fishing and members responded by visiting the lakes on 49 occasions catching 12 trout including 3 fish over 2lb and a brown trout over 3lb from Little Bognor. The lakes at Little Bognor have been stocked and will remain open until the end of November.


River – The water level changed throughout the week but members were able to fish the river on 17 occasions and caught 16 fish including 11 trout over 2lbs and 1 over 3 lbs. Most of the fish were caught from Beat D, Rotherbridge.