10 June


The river and lakes look their very best at the moment and it is nice to just sit and watch the birds and enjoy the unspoilt countryside.


Lakes – a few mayfly were hatching at Little Springs and the marginal plants were covered with damsel flies and terrestrial insects.

Members visited the lakes on 58 occasions and caught a total of 32 trout, two of the fish were 3lbs. Of the 17 fish caught at Little Bognor, 15 were returned. The recent rain should reduce the water temperature in the lakes and keep the fish healthy.


River – members visited the river on 26 occasions and caught a total of 9 trout, including a wild fish. All of the fish were returned. The recent heavy rain has come at just the right time for the sea trout and one or two should be caught during June.


Orvis Day – Saturday 15 June

Join Hamish, Jerome (Orvis Chichester) and Brian Smart (Orvis Guide) at the Leconfield Fly Fishing Club, Petworth for an exclusive day trying some of the finest rods available.

Orvis will have a range of Helios 3 rods – the most accurate rod ever made, Recons, Superfine carbon and the new Clearwater. Light refreshments will be provided in the clubhouse and guests are welcome to enjoy the scenery.

Starting at 10:00am and finishing at 3:00pm. No booking required.

GU28 9LY and then follow the signs, phone 07816 879333 if you are lost !

This is a free event, open to members and non-members.

May Summary


Throughout the month the lakes fished exceptionally well. Towards the end of the month the river switched on and fish could be caught on dry flies.

The first mayfly was seen at Great Springs on 30 April. At the beginning of May the river looked beautiful in the Spring sunshine but the water temperature was low and the mayfly hatch was delayed. The lakes fished well in early May despite the record cold weather over the Bank Holiday.


The mayfly hatches at the rainbow lakes were prolific during the second week and good sport was had around lunchtime. The trout were taking nymphs, duns and spinners throughout the day. The fishing at Great Springs and Little Springs was particularly good. Some bigger than average trout had been stocked and several were caught at Little Springs and Luffs, the biggest weighed 8lbs 4ozs.


The catch and release trial at the rainbow lakes was extended until the end of May because the cold nights kept the water temperature lower than expected. During the third week the river received its second stocking, the water temperature remained low at 12 degrees and the fish were not very active. The mayfly continued to dominate the fishing at Great Springs and Little Springs, those lakes accounted for two thirds of the fish caught during the third week of May.


At the end of the month the water temperature in the river rose and the trout became active throughout the day. There were good hatches of duns, most of which made it to the shelter of the trees. In the evening there were good falls of spinners and the trout fed well until dusk.

Last week members made 92 visits to the lakes and caught a total of 74 trout including one of 5lbs 8ozs from Great Springs and fish weighing 3lbs from both Luffs and Little Bognor. Fish were caught at every lake, 45 were returned. Members visited the river on 41 occasions and caught a total of 34 trout, 31 of which were returned.


BBQ – the weather was good and the BBQ was well attended. A lot of food and drink was consumed and some good fish were caught.

The mayfly hatch at the lakes is dwindling but is still prolific at the river. Sea trout might start to migrate upstream during June, particularly if there is heavy rain.


27 May


Mayfly Duns continued to hatch around lunchtime and into the early afternoon. There were lots of Spinners rising and falling under the trees and over the grass beside the water.


Lakes – members visited the lakes on 76 occasions and caught 98 fish including a trout of 4lbs 8ozs from Lower Figgs. Mayfly imitations and nymphs fished close to the surface should continue to produce fish throughout June.


River – it was an excellent week on the river. The water warmed slightly and there were good hatches of mayfly. Members visited the river on 30 occasions and caught 20 fish, all of which were returned. Two wild fish were caught. Trout were rising for mayfly this evening when the wind dropped.

Catch and release – the last day of May is the end of catch and release on the rainbow lakes because of the rising water temperature. Catch and release continues at Little Bognor where the springs keep the water cool.

Speed limit – please take extra care when driving on Estate roads and when driving through Kilsham farm to visit the river; children, livestock and dogs live at the farm.

BBQ – Sunday 2 June at Great Springs; 11:00am to 4:00pm. Please let Emma at the Estate Office know if you are attending the BBQ as it helps with the catering.

20 May


The weather last week was perfect for fishing, mayfly continued to hatch and members took full advantage of the conditions.


Lakes – The mayfly hatch continued with duns hatching throughout the middle of the day, eventually finding shelter in the trees around the lakes. Clouds of male spinners were rising and falling all around Great Springs and Little Springs. Crippled duns and spent spinners floated on the surface late in the afternoon. The trout switched to nymphs in the early evening.

Members visited the lakes on 75 occasions and caught a total of 96 trout. Great Springs and Little Springs produced two thirds of the fish. Of the 96 fish that were caught 72 were returned. A fish of 4lbs was caught at Little Springs and a 4lb 12oz fish was landed at Luffs.

Catch and release at the rainbow lakes continues until 31 May, today the water temperature at the lakes was 16 degrees.


River – the river received its second stocking last week and a few fish were caught at Rotherbridge. A wild fish was also caught. Mayfly, olives and alder continued to hatch. The river is in excellent condition but is still quite cold, today the water temperature was only 12 degrees. When the water warms up the trout should become more active.

13 May


Mayfly are hatching well at Little Springs, the trout are taking dry flies fished close to the bank. A quiet approach is essential.


Lakes – the lakes are looking beautiful and the trout are rising. Spring fishing at its best.

The trout are rising throughout the day for mayfly. The height of the hatch is around lunchtime. Imitations of spent mayfly spinners, carefully presented, should give good results. Late this afternoon, after the main hatch had petered out, the trout were taking mayfly nymphs a couple of feet down.

Members visited the lakes on 94 occasions and caught a total of 151 trout including fish of 6lbs and 8lbs 4ozs from Little Springs. A trout of 5lbs 4ozs was caught at Luffs. Of the 151 trout that were caught, 110 were returned. A few big fish have been stocked in all the lakes.

The water temperature of the lakes has remained low, mainly because of the cold nights. Consequently, Andrew Thompson has given permission for the catch and release trial at the rainbow trout lakes to be extended until the end of May.


River – the river rose slightly in the middle of the week but has now dropped back to its normal level. It was another quiet week on the river. A small sea trout was caught at Keepers Bridge and another fish was caught on a mayfly.

Signing in and out – will all members please ensure that they sign in before starting to fish. It is important that the returns are accurate. Recording members and guests whereabouts ensures they can be contacted in an emergency and also allows strangers to be challenged.

Lost property – a landing net, left at Figgs, is in the main fishing hut together with a fly box found at Great Springs.

7 May


The first mayfly of the season was seen at Little Bognor on Tuesday 30 April. The typically spring weather has been perfect for fishing, the river and lakes are looking beautiful. The occasional shower has been absorbed into the parched fields and the river has not risen or become coloured.


Lakes – Mayfly, Olives and Alder fly are hatching and midges are always present on all the lakes. Members visited the lakes on 34 occasions and caught a total of 112 trout, 79 of which were returned. The lakes are fishing very well despite the record cold weather over the Bank Holiday.

The south-westerly breeze forecast for the next few days should ensure a nice ripple on the water which will help hide the tippet when using a dry fly. Swinging a nymph or an emerger across the wind is also a good tactic when the fish are rising.


River  – the river is looking at it’s best. The streamer weed is starting to grow, the water level and colour are perfect. Last week members visited the river on 19 occasions and caught 4 trout including a fish of 3lbs.


This afternoon the willows were shedding seeds, swallows were skimming the surface of the river and a buzzard was hunting across the fields at Rotherbridge. The Alder fly is hatching in large numbers along the river and there are also olives about. Several fish were rising in the early evening.

April Summary


Lakes – the lakes were all stocked prior to the start of the season. Great Springs and Lower Figgs had been refilled and the water soon cleared. The water at Lower Figgs is crystal clear.

Since the season started the weather has been consistently good for fishing. Even over Easter when there were near record temperatures, the lake fishing was excellent. The opening week was a record start to the season and a few bigger than average fish were caught. By the first week of April the trout were rising and also chasing the roach fry.

In mid April the weather was bright and cold  and the fish were rising freely to take buzzers, particularly at Little Bognor. Towards the end of the month the weather became warmer and brighter, the trout continued to rise and take small dry flies and buzzers.

The recent warm weather has produced hatches of  Alder, Olives, Hawthorn and midges. Fish of 4 – 5lb have been caught and returned, one guest did particularly well at Little Springs using a dry Daddy. Popular flies were Montana and buzzer imitations.

Last week members visited the lakes on 90 occasions and caught 154 trout, 136 of which were returned. Fish of 3.5lbs and 4.5lbs were caught at Little Springs. For the season to date, 808 fish have been caught in 456 visits.

Catch and Release finishes on May 19 on the rainbow lakes but continues to the end of the season at Little Bognor.


River – it has been a quiet start to the season but the river is in excellent condition and the recent prolonged warm spell should encourage flies to hatch and the fish to rise.

Improvements have been made to give better access to the river at Perryfields. A few small seats have been provided at vantage points along the river.

The river has been stocked and should give good sport during May when the mayfly hatch. The trout are staying deep and hiding in the sparse streamer weeds. A deep sunk nymph run under bushes or between the weed beds should produce a fish or two.

Yesterday there was a good hatch of Olives and Alder fly at Perryfields in the evening and several fish were seen rising in the Fish Pass. The trout will begin to look up during early May and will be easier to find.

Spring BBQ – 2 June, 11:00am – 4:00pm


The date for the Spring BBQ is 2 June. The event will start at 11:00am and finish at 4:00pm. Brian Smart will be on hand to provide free tuition to members and guests. As in previous years we will be organising a BBQ with delicious food and wonderful wine included, all for £15 per person.

If you would like to attend the BBQ, please could you contact Emma Goode at the Estate Office by email on or by telephone on 01798-342502 to help plan the catering.

Orvis Day – 15 June, 10:00am – 3:00pm


Orvis will be holding a rod demonstration day at Great Springs and Little Springs on Saturday 15 June. The event is free and will run from 10:00am until 3:00pm at the fishing hut beside Great Springs.

Join Hamish and Jerome from Orvis Chichester and Orvis Guide, Brian Smart, for an exclusive day trying some of the finest rods available. Orvis will have a range of Helios 3 rods (the most accurate rod ever made) Recons, Superfine carbon and the new Clearwater.

Light refreshments will be provided in the clubhouse and guests are welcome to enjoy the scenery. No booking is required.

Directions: GU28 9LY and then follow the signs. Phone 07816879333 if you are lost !

This is a free event, open to members and non members.