18 September

Lakes – The Autumn weather reduced the water temperature and improved the level of dissolved oxygen in the lakes. The fish were feeding and behaving normally. Great Springs and Little Springs were stocked again last week and the number of fish in those lakes is now higher than at the start of the season. The fish in Luffs were feeding well. The Aqua Science report about the water quality in the lakes and their recommendations for improvement, has been received. Members visited the lakes on 19 occasions and caught 9 trout, 4 of which were over 2lb.


River – The rain last week caused the river to repeatedly rise and fall. Despite the conditions members visited the river on 21 occasions and caught 14 fish including 7 over 2lb and a wild trout. Several big sea trout were hooked and lost in the weir pool.


The river has also been stocked. The stock fish are slightly larger than normal and with this weeks settled weather conditions, the fishing should be good.

11 September

Lakes – The water temperature dropped a couple of degrees during the week which increased the level of dissolved oxygen. The chilly nights and Autumn weather benefitted the trout which have become more active. The weed continued to die back and only two fish were found dead. Trout were rising at Luffs and taking nymphs confidently. Members visited the lakes on 16 occasions and caught 1 trout. As the water cools and the fish start feeding again, the catch returns will improve.


River – The weather conditions which benefitted the lakes, made the river fishing more demanding. The downstream wind made it difficult to present a fly accurately. Despite the difficult conditions it was another exceptional week. Members visited the river on 26 occasions and caught 23 trout including two small wild fish. Five of the trout were over two pounds. The river is currently in flood but the level is dropping and it should be fishable again by Thursday.

4 September

Lakes – The weather last week was very unsettled, hot sunshine, rain and wind. The water temperature in Great Springs dropped to 18 degrees and with shorter daylight hours, the weed started to die back. Dissolved oxygen levels in Great Springs and Little Springs were low and that made the fishing difficult. Members visited the lakes on 18 occasions and caught only 1 trout.

Aqua Science Ltd., specialists in fishery management, visited the lakes and made recommendations about the weed and water quality.


River – The river was not adversely effected by the changeable weather and continued to fish well. Members visited the lower beats on 24 occasions and caught 9 fish including a small sea trout and a wild brown trout.

The river level can be checked before you leave home by using the ‘River Level’ icon on this page which links to the Environment Agency Monitoring Station at Iping Mill.

28 August

Lakes – Record late August Bank Holiday temperatures made fishing at the lakes very difficult. Last week members visited the lakes on 28 occasions and only 1 trout was caught. The hot weather is forecast to end shortly and a return to normal Autumn temperatures should see an increase in the number of fish caught.


Now that the water temperature has dropped the lakes have all been stocked to maintain the fish numbers as they were at the start of the season. Weed clearing at Great Springs and Lower Figgs will continue this week.  It is hoped that the new stock, weed clearing and lower Autumn temperatures will see an improvement in the fishing during the rest of the season.


River – The river fishing last week was very good. Members visited the river on 33 occasions and caught 40 trout, 18 of which were over 2lb. A sea trout of 6lb was caught above the fish pass and returned to continue it’s journey upstream to spawn. A wild brown trout and 6 dace over 8ozs were also caught. The river has returned to it’s normal level and as the lake fishing is challenging, members are encouraged to visit the river.

21 August

Lakes – The unusual summer weather continued and the water temperature in the lakes stabilised. More weed was cleared from Great Springs. The lakes will be restocked shortly and this should improve the catch returns. Members visited the lakes on 33 occasions and caught a total of 6 trout, the majority from Little Bognor. Three carp were caught from Jacksons.


River – The river level rose and fell throughout the week but members who fished when the conditions were good were rewarded with some nice fish. Members visited the river on 24 occasions and caught a total of 18 trout, 11 of which were over 2lb. Most of the fish were caught on nymphs from Beats C and D, Keeper’s Bridge and Rotherbridge. This afternoon several fish were rising to midges at Rotherbridge and above Keeper’s Bridge. No rain is forecast for the next few days and when the river level drops, the fishing should be excellent.

The Autumn Guest Day is on Sunday 3 September from 11:00am at Great Springs. Please contact Holly at the Estate Office and let her know if you are going and how many guests you are taking, so that the food and wine can be arranged.


14 August

Lakes – The change in the weather helped reduce the water temperature. The cool nights, wind and rain lowered the water temperature at Little Bognor to 15 degrees. The other lakes averaged 18.5 degrees. The pH of the lakes, which varies with the time of day, also improved to between 7.1 and 7.8 and these conditions should enable the trout to feed. Members visited the lakes on 33 occasions and caught a total of 17 fish. The cooler weather is forecast to continue, early morning and evening are the best times to fish.


River – Last week the river level rose about three feet and the river was unfishable for several days. Members visited the river on 15 occasions and caught 6 fish. The river has returned to a good level and has lost most of it’s colour.  There were plenty of fish rising in the evening. This trout weighed 2lb 8ozs and took a Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear nymph just under the surface. A stealthy approach and good presentation are necessary as the fish are easily put down.

7 August

Lakes – The wind and rain lowered the temperature of the water in the lakes. Yesterday the water temperature at Great Springs was 18.5 degrees and at Little Bognor it was 16 degrees. Last week members visited the lakes on 25 occasions and caught 12 trout, more than half of which came from the top lake at Little Bognor.

River – The level of the river rose and fell several times during the week. Members visited the river on 16 occasions and caught 7 fish, 6 of which were caught on Beat D,  Rotherbridge. Several sea trout were hooked and lost.


So far this season 667 fish have been caught from the lakes on 688 visits. On the river 302 fish have been caught on 316 visits. As the water cools down and the trout become more active, these figures will improve.

The trout are active early in the morning and late in the evening. They are taking small dry flies and buzzers at Little Bognor and small nymphs fished deep at Great Springs. A long leader and fine tippet increases the chance of a fish or two.