David Saunders has been fishing the Rother since the early 1970s and knows every nook and cranny of the club’s stretch of the river. David can provide lessons for beginners and experienced trout anglers. He will tailor a single lesson or a course of lessons, to your requirements. He can give you tips to improve your casting, teach you about river craft and about insect life on the Rother. David can also provide lessons at the club’s lakes.

A guided tour of the river, fishing with David, is a good way for new members to get to know the pools and riffles where the trout can be found. David can provide the fishing tackle for a lesson or you can visit his shop, The Covert at Petworth, to discuss your requirements with David direct.

David’s website provides more information.

David can be contacted at The Covert, East street, Petworth, GU28 0AB.

  • Phone 01798 343118
  • Email