The club has exclusive use of several lakes within the northern part of the Leconfield Estate and two lakes at Little Bognor near Fittleworth. The lakes all have good access and car parking. The season on the lakes starts in mid March and ends on 31st October. The season may be extended until the end of November if the weather permits. The lakes at Great Springs have a large and well appointed fishing lodge. The lodge was recently built, has separate ladies and gents toilets, a fridge and coffee and tea making facilities.


The lodge also has a dining area and a gas barbeque for the warmer weather. Flies, leaders and other small items of tackle can be bought at the lodge. A spare rod, reel and net are available for guests. Members can sign in, weigh their fish and record their catch at the lodge. The other lakes also have fishing huts and car parks.

Catch and release on the rainbow lakes is allowed from the start of the season until the water temperature gets too high. It resumes in the autumn once the water temperature drops. Catch and release is allowed at Little Bognor throughout the season as the springs feeding the lakes keep the water cool.

If members wish to take advantage of the catch and release option, barbless or de-barbed hooks must be used and the trout carefully returned to the water. Barbless flies are on sale at the fishing hut. Trout that are returned will not be charged to the members fish account.