18 November


Lakes – members visited the lakes on 36 occasions and caught 8 trout, 3 of which were returned including a fish of 5lbs from Little Springs.

Close Season Members Lunch

The recent informal club lunch at the Badgers Pub was a great success and was well attended. The general consensus was that it should become a routine event during the close season.Β  The next Close Season Members Lunch will be held at The Angel Inn, Angel Street, Petworth on Tuesday 3 December at 1:00pm.
In order to manage the booking, members are requested to email David Taylor atΒ mail@dataylor.co.ukΒ or phone/text on 07535 679879 if you wish to attend. Please let David know if you subsequently need to cancel your booking.
David has also created a Club WhatsApp Group in order to share fishing tips, catch info, social events and more. If you wish to join, please contact David and he will add you to the Group.




October Summary


During the first week of October the lakes were very productive but the river level was high, the water was coloured and no trout were caught. That was the pattern for the rest of October. Most of the fish were caught at Little Bognor.


In the second week it was very wet and windy. The emphasis shifted slightly and a lot of trout were caught from Great Springs.


The third week of October was exceptionally good and members caught a lot of large trout from all of the rainbow lakes.


The last week of October saw strong winds and heavy rain but during the spells of better weather some magnificent trout were caught including an 8lbs+ fish from Great Springs.


During the first week of November members visited the lakes on 30 occasions and caught 11 trout, 8 of which were returned.

A fish of 9lbs was caught at Luffs and returned to the lake. Great Springs and Little Springs produced most of the fish and a trout of 5lbs was caught in each of those lakes.

Big fish still remain in the lakes and the more settled weather this week will provide an opportunity to finish the season with a monster.


4 November


Cormorants – The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in close partnership with Natural England, has launched an online consultation about the control of wild birds eg. Cormorants and other fish eating birds. The closing date for representations is 5 December. Representations are invited from both individual anglers and fishing clubs.

Please use the link to read the Angling Trusts news item about the consultation and make representations to DEFRA to protect our lakes and the river from predation.



Lakes – last week was a very good week on the lakes.

Members visited the lakes on 56 occasions and caught 39 trout, 25 of which were returned. One member and his guests caught the following: 1 x 8lb 8ozs from Upper Figgs, 2 x 5lbs, 1 x 6lb 8ozs, 11 x 1-2lbs and a blue trout of 3lbs during four visits ! Most fish were caught from Great Springs and Little Springs.


River – heavy rain and high winds spoilt the last week of the season on the river.

Members visited the river on 6 occasions and caught 2 trout, both at Keepers Bridge. The river is now closed until next season.


End of Season Lunch – David Taylor has arranged an informal lunch at the Badgers, Coultershaw Bridge on Tuesday 12 November at 1:00pm. If you want to go, please contact David at mail@dataylor.co.uk or 07535 679879 so that he can give the pub numbers to cater for.

Welcome to Badgers…


28 October


Strong winds and heavy rain last week made the fishing uncomfortable but during the odd calm, dry spell feeding trout could be caught.

There are many large fish still in the rainbow trout lakes. A couple of members have been very successful and here are some words of wisdom from James, who has caught a couple.”Β  . . . Andrew Thompson


I stalk them in the margins, using a buzzer pattern. I’ve always sight fished on every water especially the Test and other chalk streams. If I can’t see them I don’t cast. In fact on the last two occasions I had barely any fly line out. Just twitch the buzzer by the fish and they should react. If they don’t, move on to the next fly that does create a reaction. Staying mobile, changing flies and watching how the fish reacts to your fly does the trick. I may have to change flies, even buzzer patterns, a dozen plus times to find the one that works in any session.

If you adapt and change your approach and are stealthy you’ll catch. A double still eludes me at Leconfield, I lost one approaching that, just before the last 8lb fish, I’d been stalking and returning to the fish for the last few sessions. The rod is a 5wt, line is Orvis Pro power taper (floating) and when I go for the bigger fish I don’t go under Orvis Super Strong 4x although I would recommend 3x for those not used to playing larger fish. The fights are tough and fast particularly with the bank side lilies and weed. I fish on my own a lot but if you have a friend nearby it helps with netting the fish.”

. . . James King


Lakes – the lakes were slightly coloured by the recent rain but the flow of fresh, cold water lowered the temperature of the lakes and made the fish more active. Fish were rising at Little Bognor and could be caught on small buzzer patterns fished just under the surface.

Members visited the lakes on 37 occasions and caught 14 trout including a fish of 8lbs 5ozs from Great Springs. The majority of the trout were caught from Little Springs and Little Bognor.


River – the river breached its banks but the water level fell rapidly during mid week. Unfortunately heavy rain on Thursday night raised the level again. The weather forecast for the last few days of the season on the river looks favourable and there might be time to catch one last fish !

Members visited the river on 5 occasions but no trout were caught.

Season End – fishing on Upper and Lower Figgs ends on 31 October because of the pheasant shooting in that area. The other rainbow lakes remain open until the end of November.

We are due to exit from the river and leave the trout alone on 31 October.

21 October


A great trout from Great Springs.


Lakes – members had an exceptionally good week on the lakes. Members visited the lakes on 54 occasions and caught 34 trout, 10 of which were returned. A fish of 8lb 4ozs was caught at Great Springs and two seven pounders. Luffs produced trout of 9lbs and 5lbs and a 5 pounder was caught at Upper Figgs.

The rain has raised the water level in the rainbow lakes and there is a good flow through both the rainbow lakes and Little Bognor.


River – the river level has been high all week and members stayed away. The level is dropping quickly and the river should be fishable at the end of the week if we don’t get any more rain.

The season on the river ends on 31 October in accordance with the Environment Agency close season for brown trout.


Lost property – a telescopic landing net has been left at the signing-in box at the Fish Pass.

A lunch box and steel drinks bottle, a folding landing net, a wooden priest and reading glasses have been left at the fishing hut at Great Springs.

14 October


Last week was very wet and windy, typical Autumn weather. The river level rose but there were plenty of opportunities to catch a trout from the lakes.


Lakes – the ‘Tuesday Lunch Club’ at Great Springs was well attended, hot sausage sandwiches were very welcome and some members even fished ! The weather was kind, just a couple of showers during the afternoon.

Members visited the lakes on 50 occasions and caught 17 trout, mainly from Great Springs and Little Bognor.


River – the river level rose to 0.249m on the Environment Agency gauge at the end of the week.

Members visited the river on 3 occasions but because of the adverse conditions, no trout were caught.

7 October


Last week there was a stark contrast between the lakes and the river. The river level was high and no trout were caught. The lakes were very productive and fish were caught from all of the club’s lakes.


Lakes – last week members visited the lakes on 34 occasions and caught 21 trout. Most of the fish came from Little Bognor. This afternoon trout were shoaling in the shallow water at Great Springs and could be caught on nymphs just under the surface.


River – Despite the heavy rain and the high water, members visited the river on 5 occasions last week. No trout were caught. The river level is erratic and can be monitored on the Environment Agency website by clicking the ‘River Level’ icon.