5 June – Catch Report

Lakes – the warm weather and consequent increase in water temperature (all rainbow lakes are now over 19 degrees C) has meant the suspension of catch and release on the rainbow lakes. This is an opportunity to visit the spring fed lakes at Little Bognor or the river where catch and release is still permitted.

Dry flies of various patterns were popular on the lakes and nymphs were more effective on the river.

On the river the bright, hot weather drives the trout under the cover of marginal weedbeds and under trees. The most productive times are early morning and late evening.

A very hot week ahead, unfortunately for the rainbow trout. The Little Bognors are proving challenging. The river is fishing really well, especially in the evenings (though not always the case!). Mayfly was the most used and successful fly last week though plenty of olives are hatching. Good populations of caddis on the riffles – Andrew Thompson

29 May – Catch Returns

The catch and release option on the rainbow trout lakes has now ceased until further notice, due to the high water temperatures. Catch and release remains an option on the brown trout lakes and on the river – Andrew Thompson

Members visited the lakes on 70 occasions and caught a total of 131 trout, only 23 of which were kept.

Members visited the river on 26 occasions and caught a total of 39 trout (including 2 sea trout) and one grayling.

22 May – Catch Returns and BBQ

Photo by Andrew Thompson

Club BBQ on Saturday 20 May 2023

New members

The BBQ was very well attended, over 50 members had notified the Estate Office that they would be going. The sun shone, mayfly hatched, trout were caught and everyone enjoyed the splendid food, particularly the chocolate cake !

Last week members visited the lakes on 112 occasions and caught a total of 161 trout, only 23 of which were taken.

Members visited the river on 28 occasions and caught 42 trout, only 1 of which was kept. More than half of the fish were over 2lbs.

15 May – Catch Returns

Mayfly are appearing at Springs and Luffs giving good sport on dry fly. Clouds of spinners can be seen rising and falling around Little Springs.

Members visited the lakes on 88 occasions and caught a total of 221 trout, one of 5lbs from Luffs. 18 were taken and 203 were returned.

The outlet system at Lower Figgs has been causing problems for several weeks. The latest repair was carried out last week and we are hopeful this will hold. With the pond full of water again, the outlet will be tested for another week to ensure it is ready for re-stocking – Andrew Thompson

The river remained high and coloured. Members visited the river on 3 occasions but no trout were caught during the week. Two trout were caught after the weekly return sheets were collated.

8 May – Catch Returns

A software error prevented the display of yesterdays catch data contained in emails. It did not impact the display of data on the website.

The returns are as follows:


Visits – 86

Taken – 25

Returned – 180

The river was bank high and coloured last week and remained unfished. Unfortunately, another wet week is forecast and it will be several days before the river is fishable.

Catch Returns – 8 May


* The river was bank high and coloured last week. Unfortunately, another wet week is forecast and it will be several days before the river is fishable.

Alder and damsel flies are appearing in good numbers but at the moment the trout are locked onto emerging mayfly nymphs.

The trout are rising at Little Springs which is well worth a visit.

1 May – Catch Returns

The first mayflies should appear at Little Springs shortly, the main trigger for them to hatch is the length of the day.


*The river was bank high and coloured, it should be fishable from Thursday 4 May onwards.

This appetizer was created using a brown trout from Lower Bognor. It was cured for two days and served with creme fraiche on pumpernickel bread with a cucumber, tomato and shallot salsa. 

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone for the background to this initiative.

Fresh trout tastes much nicer, is not full of antibiotics and does not damage our environment.

24 April – Catch Returns

* river coloured

A fish of 4lb was caught at Little Springs.

A great white egret beside the river, photo by Andrew Thompson.

Last week the river was coloured, more heavy rain is forecast for this afternoon. It will probably be a few days before it is worth fishing.