30 August – Catch Returns

Nice chub from Beat E
* at Little Bognor

It was difficult fishing last week, hopefully the rainbow lakes will cool down during September and the usual excellent end-of-season fishing can commence.

8 August – Catch Returns

The hot weather continues, river water temperature is 18 degrees. Trout can be found in the hour before dark. Please don’t return fish that are slow to recover.

* at Little Bognor

All of the fish caught from the lakes were from Little Bognor where the springs are keeping the water temperature down.

1 August – Catch Returns

A sea trout of 4lb was caught from Beat A, above Taylors Bridge.

* at Little Bognor

The fields are burnt to a crisp, the ground is like concrete but the river is flowing and there are trout hiding under the trees and streamer weed. Very early morning and late evening are the best times to fish. Please do not return trout if they are slow to revive.

25 July – Catch Returns

Sea Trout
* at Little Bognor

A 6lb sea trout was caught and returned from Beat B, Taylors Bridge.

Now that the hot weather has ended the fishing should improve and the recent rain should encourage the sea trout up the river.

18 July – Catch Returns

*at Little Bognor

Water temperatures around the fishery are unsurprisingly high at present and dissolved oxygen percentages correspondingly low (all venues are giving readings below the optimum minimum of 6mg/l):

Rainbow trout lakes: 23 degrees

Little Bognor ponds: 16 degrees

River: 18 degrees

Members have been taking all their caught fish from the rainbow trout lakes for several weeks now. Whilst this current extra hot spell continues, please come prepared to take your caught (stocked) fish from the river too and try not to target sea trout (which must be returned). Should water temperatures rise further in the coming days, the situation will be reviewed, so please check this site before fishing.

Andrew Thompson