Weed cutting to remove the Spiked Water Milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) is continuing at Great Springs. This weed is very invasive and difficult to completely eradicate. The Estate Management team are working hard to remove as much as possible. The recent increase in water level and drop in water temperature should see the fishing improve during the remaining months of the season.


At Luffs weed is being cleared to give the boat unrestricted access to the main body of the lake. Trout feed along the edge of the large weedbed and at the top of the lake where the water is shallower. There is clear water along the bank beside the road and the south bank.

weedcut02 (2)

Weed is also being removed from Lower Figgs to ensure that fish can be landed without getting tangled. During the long spell of very hot weather the number of fish deaths was lower than last year and the number of fish caught from the lakes should soon return to normal.