Lakes – The water temperature dropped a couple of degrees during the week which increased the level of dissolved oxygen. The chilly nights and Autumn weather benefitted the trout which have become more active. The weed continued to die back and only two fish were found dead. Trout were rising at Luffs and taking nymphs confidently. Members visited the lakes on 16 occasions and caught 1 trout. As the water cools and the fish start feeding again, the catch returns will improve.


River – The weather conditions which benefitted the lakes, made the river fishing more demanding. The downstream wind made it difficult to present a fly accurately. Despite the difficult conditions it was another exceptional week. Members visited the river on 26 occasions and caught 23 trout including two small wild fish. Five of the trout were over two pounds. The river is currently in flood but the level is dropping and it should be fishable again by Thursday.