The first part of the week was more like Autumn than Spring. Although the river rose it dropped again at the end of the week but remained quite coloured. The lakes were also much clearer at the end of the week and the Spring sunshine encouraged the fish to rise.

Lakes – Great Springs received its first stock of fish since the lakes restoration. The stocking included several trout over 5lb. Members visited the lakes on 55 occasions and caught a total of 64 trout which included 19 fish over 2lb. A trout of 5lb 4ozs was caught from Little Springs and a 4lb 8ozs fish was landed at Great Springs. Of the 39 fish that were caught at Little Bognor 33 were returned. The catch and release trial remains very popular, more than half of members visits were to Little Bognor.


River – The river remained high and coloured until the weekend when the level fell slightly. Two members made several visits to the river but no fish were caught. No rain is forecast for the next week and the river should return to its normal Spring level.

A new gas barbeque has been provided at Great Springs.





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