The start of autumn brought chilly nights with dew on the grass that didn’t burn off until nearly lunchtime. The Rother valley looked beautiful with clear skies and spectacular cloudscapes. The rain in the middle of the week refreshed the water in the river which had returned to its normal level by Friday. The water temperature at Great Springs dropped to 19 degrees and the algal bloom started to clear. Everything looked very positive for some good autumn fishing.


Lakes – Members visited the lakes on 34 occasions and caught 19 trout, all from the lakes at Little Bognor. Seventeen fish were returned to the lakes including 3 wild fish. All the lakes will be restocked when the water temperature drops a few degrees.


River – The streamer weed is just starting to die back revealing channels down which a weighted nymph can be fished. The weed, overhanging trees and bushes provide shelter for the trout during the day and it is worth sacrificing a few flies to explore underneath them. A few fish were rising for midges in the evening.

Members visited the river on 29 occasions and caught 25 trout, including 8 over 2lbs. Seventeen fish were returned to the river.

There is an exceptionally good crop of blackberries and elderberries in the hedgerows along the riverbank. If you are a jam or wine maker now is the time to visit the river.


Lost property – Child size, blue tinted, wrap around shades have been found at Little Bognor and left in the fishing hut.