The water temperature in the lakes and river has dropped to about 14 degrees and the trout are active. The lakes and river have been stocked, some exceptionally large trout have been stocked in the rainbow lakes. Leader and tippet breaking strain should be at least 6lb to avoid losing these big fish.



Lakes – Members visited the lakes on 38 occasions and caught 31 trout including 5 over 2lbs. The stock fish have had time to settle and are moving on the surface. The last six weeks of the lake season will produce good sport.


River – Members visited the river on 18 occasions and caught a total of 30 fish including 2 good sea trout and two wild trout. Twenty eight of the trout were returned to the river. Six of the fish were over 2lbs. The river is fishing exceptionally well and after the spate caused by the weekend rain, should produce more late running sea trout.