The weather last week was perfect for fishing, mayfly continued to hatch and members took full advantage of the conditions.


Lakes – The mayfly hatch continued with duns hatching throughout the middle of the day, eventually finding shelter in the trees around the lakes. Clouds of male spinners were rising and falling all around Great Springs and Little Springs. Crippled duns and spent spinners floated on the surface late in the afternoon. The trout switched to nymphs in the early evening.

Members visited the lakes on 75 occasions and caught a total of 96 trout. Great Springs and Little Springs produced two thirds of the fish. Of the 96 fish that were caught 72 were returned. A fish of 4lbs was caught at Little Springs and a 4lb 12oz fish was landed at Luffs.

Catch and release at the rainbow lakes continues until 31 May, today the water temperature at the lakes was 16 degrees.


River – the river received its second stocking last week and a few fish were caught at Rotherbridge. A wild fish was also caught. Mayfly, olives and alder continued to hatch. The river is in excellent condition but is still quite cold, today the water temperature was only 12 degrees. When the water warms up the trout should become more active.