Throughout the month the lakes fished exceptionally well. Towards the end of the month the river switched on and fish could be caught on dry flies.

The first mayfly was seen at Great Springs on 30 April. At the beginning of May the river looked beautiful in the Spring sunshine but the water temperature was low and the mayfly hatch was delayed. The lakes fished well in early May despite the record cold weather over the Bank Holiday.


The mayfly hatches at the rainbow lakes were prolific during the second week and good sport was had around lunchtime. The trout were taking nymphs, duns and spinners throughout the day. The fishing at Great Springs and Little Springs was particularly good. Some bigger than average trout had been stocked and several were caught at Little Springs and Luffs, the biggest weighed 8lbs 4ozs.


The catch and release trial at the rainbow lakes was extended until the end of May because the cold nights kept the water temperature lower than expected. During the third week the river received its second stocking, the water temperature remained low at 12 degrees and the fish were not very active. The mayfly continued to dominate the fishing at Great Springs and Little Springs, those lakes accounted for two thirds of the fish caught during the third week of May.


At the end of the month the water temperature in the river rose and the trout became active throughout the day. There were good hatches of duns, most of which made it to the shelter of the trees. In the evening there were good falls of spinners and the trout fed well until dusk.

Last week members made 92 visits to the lakes and caught a total of 74 trout including one of 5lbs 8ozs from Great Springs and fish weighing 3lbs from both Luffs and Little Bognor. Fish were caught at every lake, 45 were returned. Members visited the river on 41 occasions and caught a total of 34 trout, 31 of which were returned.


BBQ – the weather was good and the BBQ was well attended. A lot of food and drink was consumed and some good fish were caught.

The mayfly hatch at the lakes is dwindling but is still prolific at the river. Sea trout might start to migrate upstream during June, particularly if there is heavy rain.