Last week the wet and windy weather discouraged members from visiting Little Bognor and the river.


Lakes – members visited the lakes at Little Bognor on 33 occasions and caught 20 fish. The springs that feed the lakes are keeping the water temperature down and fish were rising for buzzers.  The recent cooler nights and heavy rain should lower the water temperature and the leaf debris will encourage the trout to explore the surface for food. A quiet approach and a long leader enables fish to be caught from the margins where there is cover.


River – the river level rose on Friday night and the strong winds during the week made casting difficult. Members visited the river on 18 occasions and caught 8 trout. The heavy rain last night has coloured the water but the water level should drop quickly.

The Environment Agency gauge at Halfway Bridge is not giving accurate readings and it is best to check with Andrew for advice on the river conditions before leaving home.