September was a month of varying weather. At the start of the month the chilly nights helped to reduce the temperature of the water in the lakes. The heavy rain at the end of the month made the river rise and the high winds made casting difficult. The lakes have all been stocked and the fishing should improve in the last two months of the season.


In the first week of September all of the lake caught trout came from Little Bognor. The fish were rising for buzzers and this selective feeding made them difficult to tempt. The middle Beats on the river were the most productive, fish were taking Daddy-Long-Legs.


In the second week of September the water temperature in the lakes and river dropped to 17 degrees. The fish became more active in the rainbow lakes. During the day the trout in the river retreated under the trees and into the weed beds but in the evening the fish rose in open water. Successful flies were Sedge patterns and dry Pheasant Tail.


The third week of September was more productive. Little Bognor produced all of the lake caught trout including a four pounder which was returned to the water. The river produced a lot of fish, they were rising for dry flies throughout the day.


The last week of the month saw exceptionally wet and windy weather. Members visited the lakes on 41 occasions and caught 18 trout, mainly from Little Bognor which is sheltered from the wind. The lakes have all been stocked. The fish are once again feeding well and rising nicely on the rainbow lakes.

Well done to junior member George on catching your first trout.


The temperature of the water in the lakes will continue to fall during October and catch numbers will increase. The lakes offer a variety of different fishing conditions. Water clarity, weed, depth, tree cover and exposure to the autumn winds vary depending on the lake chosen. Good fishing conditions can be found somewhere on the estate whatever the weather conditions.

The river always performs well at the end of the season and the recent high water will have scoured the gravel beds and cleaned out some of the dying weed. The trout will be hungry after several days of high water and actively looking for food throughout the day.