Brian Smart held a casting clinic last Tuesday, focusing on the roll cast and its variations. It was well attended and Brian gave lots of good advice.

The weather last week was better for fishing with a few overcast days and a chilly north wind to cool the lakes. Light overnight rain caused the river to rise slightly and hopefully encouraged a few sea trout to run.


Lakes – members visited the lakes on 15 occasions and caught 14 trout mainly from Great Springs and Little Bognor. Lower water temperature and the overnight aeration should encourage the fish at Great Springs and Little Springs to feed and this is a good time to visit those lakes.


River – members visited the river on 18 occasions and caught 16 trout, only two of which were killed. Three wild fish were caught. Popular flies were Mayfly, GRHE nymph, sedge and shrimp. Fish were rising from Keepers Bridge to Perryfields yesterday evening, taking midges and sedge under the trees.

The river is looking lovely and the water is perfect for dry fly. It is worth a visit just to experience the scenery around the water meadows.