Below Rotherbridge 23 April

River – members visited the river on 8 occasions and caught 4 trout all of which were returned.

The warm weather during April and the lengthening daylight hours, will encourage the Mayfly to hatch at Little Springs in the next few days.

Mayfly- male spinner

Each year I record in my diary the date that I see the first Mayfly. Last year lockdown prevented me from fishing until 13 May, by that time the main hatch was well underway.

The water temperature at Little Springs rises quickly and this is where I have seen my first Mayfly each year for the last four years; 2019 – 29 April, 2018 – 3 May and 2017 – 1 May.

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 51 occasions and caught 64 trout, 46 of which were returned. Two four-pounders were caught at Great Springs. Fish were caught at all of the lakes except Lower Figgs. Successful flies were Mayfly Nymph, Montana, Blue Flash Damsel. A variety of nymphs and dry flies caught fish at Little Bognor.