Storm coming . . .

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 59 occasions and caught 44 trout including a fish of 3lb from Luffs and another of 6lb 12ozs from Upper Figgs. All of the 13 fish caught at Little Bognor were returned. A very wide variety of flies were used from lures such as the Cats Whisker to size 22 Caenis !

The rain has helped enormously in keeping the rainbow lake water cool, the dissolved oxygen is up and the fish are happy. The dissolved oxygen was 8.5mg/l at 20 degrees. Water is still flowing through the lakes which also helps.

River – The rain was not as helpful to members who wished to fish the river. Early in the week the water level was high and the water was coloured. Members visited the river on 7 occasions last weekend and caught 7 trout including two three pounders and a sea trout of 2lb 8ozs. All of the fish were returned.