This update covers the two weeks ending 27 September.

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 68 occasions during the last two weeks and caught a total of 32 trout, 20 of which were returned. They were caught on a wide variety of nymphs and dry flies.

River – during the last two weeks members visited the river on 48 occasions and caught a total of 33 fish including 3 wild trout, a sea trout and 5 fish over 3lbs. Most of the fish were caught on nymphs.

AGM at Great Springs

About 30 people attended the AGM. Our Chairman gave a beautiful introductory speech and thanked Andrew Thompson and everyone else involved in running the club. Tim Wardle summarised the accounts. The meeting was very relaxed and brief. The sun shone, much food wine and beer was consumed and a few members actually cast a line.

The water temperature in the rainbow lakes is dropping and the recent rain should cool the water even further. The rain should also encourage a run of sea trout.