Autumn evening at Little Bognor

This update covers the two weeks ending 25 October.

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 98 occasions and caught 59 trout, 39 of which were returned. Every lake was visited by members and fish were caught at all of the lakes, mainly on nymphs and lures.

River Rother water meadows

River – members visited the river on 35 occasions, mostly before the recent heavy rain and caught 30 trout, 25 of which were returned. The catch included a chub of 3lb 8ozs and a sea trout weighing about 3lbs.

Lets hope the rain stops in time for a few days fishing during the last week of the river season.

Signing in

It is important that members sign in before starting to fish. There are a number of reasons for this.

The stocking levels are based, among other factors, on the number of fish caught per visit. If members do not record their visits, particularly blank trips, this can skew the numbers and resulting in under stocking.

It helps identify people who are not members and who should not be fishing or walking around the Estate.

Personal security is enhanced if it is known who is fishing, particularly on the river, should they have an accident. It is also helpful to know when arriving at the river, which beats have already been fished or are being fished, it saves following a member who has already covered the water.