Tuesday Club Lunch

The Tuesday Club end of season lunch was held at The Badgers near Coultershaw Bridge and was well attended. It was good to meet and chat about the season’s fishing.

Ironically,  the river looked in good condition, clear with a greenish tint.

A few members took advantage of the brief period of mild weather and fished into dusk on the last day. The weeks running up to the end of the season were very productive. Good numbers of trout, including some monsters, were caught from all of the lakes.

In the last week of the season members visited the lakes on 71 occasions and caught 83 trout, 63 of which were returned. The fish that were returned should overwinter and produce great fishing next March.

Six fish of 4lbs were caught from four lakes and a monster of over 9lbs was captured at Luffs. As usual a very wide variety of nymphs and lures were used ranging from a Perdigon to a Cats Whisker.