The rain and high winds meant that it was a quiet week on the club waters.

The heavy rain in the early part of the week caused the river level to rise and coloured the water. Members visited the river on 7 occasions in the latter part of the week and caught 4 stock fish from beat D, Rotherbridge . A chub of 6lb+ was also caught. The river is returning to the normal summer level and sport should improve, particularly in the late evening.


Members visited the lakes on 42 occasions and caught a total of 27 fish including a blue trout of 3lb from Great Springs. The high winds throughout the week, sometimes gusting to 50pmh, made casting difficult and covered the lakes with debris from the trees. The wind and rain reduced the water temperature and there were fewer distressed fish. The two very large blue trout in Great Springs were often seen feeding confidently.

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