During the week the weather was very hot, over 30 degrees. The bright sun and heat raised the water temperature at Great Springs to 24 degrees and the trout became lethargic and only inclined to rise in the early morning and late evening. Members visited the lakes on 24 occasions and caught 10 fish.


During the day the constant bright sunshine made the trout in the river hide under the streamer weed and amongst the tree roots. Late in the evening there were fish rising on every beat and members had a successful week. Members visited the river on 23 occasions and caught 22 fish. Wild fish made up half the total catch, no sea trout were caught. One member had 5 wild fish during a short evening visit.

The Committee met at Great Springs on 19 June. Andrew Thompson is taking members on a conducted tour of the river on Sunday 25 June at 2:00pm. The tour starts at Andrew’s house on Rotherbridge Lane, please contact Mark Allen at the Estate Office for directions.