Membership permits,  car stickers and the clubs newsletter have been posted and should have been received by members. New members who wish to have a guided tour of the river and lakes should contact the Estate Office or Andrew Thompson.

The clubs AGM is at 6:30pm on Friday 16 March at Lodsworth Village Hall, the evening before the lakes open for the new season. Most of the lakes have already been stocked. A lot of over-wintered trout were seen rising at Little Bognor last week.

Rod licences are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The expiry date is printed on the reverse of the licence. Members fishing for sea trout should buy a salmon and sea trout licence.

Each week during the season a summary of the catch returns will be published here together with information about notable fish and fly hatches. The ‘River Level’ icon gives details of the water level for the Rother at Iping Mill and is particularly helpful when planning a trip to the river.

Tight Lines.