The wet, cold weather during the latter part of the week kept members away from the lakes. Members visited the lakes on 35 occasions and caught a total of 61 fish, 6 of which were over 2lb. Most of the fish were caught at Little Bognor, where catch and release continues to be popular. Of the fish caught at Little Bognor 46 were returned to the lakes. A blue trout was caught from Upper Figgs. Most of the fish were caught on black flies. At Little Bognor the trout were feeding on tiny midges and most were caught on a dry fly or buzzer.


The River Rother opens for fishing tomorrow, Tuesday 3 April, but the water level is very high and the river won’t be fishable for quite a while.

When driving through Kilsham Farm to access the river, please keep your speed low and watch out for the children and animals.

The date of the Spring ‘Bring a Guest Day’ and barbeque has been changed to Sunday 20 May. Please contact Holly at the Estate Office to make a booking.

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