Unfortunately the weather did not reflect the forecast and cold, wet, windy days kept members from fishing. The lakes are in good condition and are fully stocked with trout of a higher than usual size. If members brave the unseasonal weather, good sport can be had at all the lakes.

Lakes – Last week members visited the lakes on 34 occasions and caught 32 trout. Great Springs and Little Springs were the most productive lakes. The average size of the fish was good, 19 of the 32 fish were over 2lb and several were over 3lb. Of the 10 fish that were caught at Little Bognor, 8 were returned.


River – The initial stock of chalk stream reared trout were introduced to the river last week but the heavy rain at the start and end of the week kept the river level high and the water too coloured for fishing.

Members visited the river on 2 occasions mid-week but no fish were caught.