The weather last week was great for fishing and even the Bank Holiday weather was lovely. The lakes looked magnificent and the river level had dropped.

Lakes – Members visited the lakes on 56 occasions and caught 57 fish, 26 of which were over 2lb. The best fish of the week was a blue trout of 3lb 4oz from Little Springs. The first Mayfly was seen at the lakes on 3 May and there were good hatches of Alder fly and Hawthorn fly all through the week. The fish were rising on all the lakes and quite a few fish were caught on dry flies. At Little Bognor 24 fish were caught and 13 were returned.


River – Members visited the river on two occasions and no fish were caught. The river level is dropping and the colour is disappearing. During bright sunny days the trout shelter under the banks and hide among the tree roots. Fishing the margins on both sides of the river with a Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear, a Black Pennel or a Red Tag should produce a fish or two. Particularly under the alder and willow trees. Early morning and late evening are the most productive times during the summer.

The EA river level gauge at Iping Mill has been giving spurious readings. If you wish to know the state of the river before travelling to fish, please phone Andrew Thompson whose details are on the ‘Contacts’ page.

Please contact the Estate Office if you are going to the barbecue and tell Holly or Mark as it helps with the catering if the number of people attending is known.