The weather for much of the week was overcast and cooler than of late. The river temperature was 18 degrees centigrade and the fishing was good. An isolated downpour over the rainbow trout lakes on Friday restored the water levels and cooled the water by two degrees.


Lakes – Members visited the lakes on 12 occasions and caught 6 fish including two wild trout. All 6 fish were caught at Little Bognor, 4 were returned.


River – The river fished well during the early part of the week when the weather was a lot cooler and the overcast skies gave the fish respite from the intense summer sun. The trout rose well, even during the middle of the day, to occasional hatches of olives and for low flying damsels. Members visited the river on 22 occasions and caught a total of 28 fish, 24 of which were returned to the river including 3 wild fish. Six of the fish were over 2lbs.

The very hot weather has returned and fishing at dawn or dusk on the river will give the best chance of finding a rising fish.