The extreme heat and intense sunlight made fishing during the day very difficult. Fish were rising really well along the whole river from dawn until about 7:00am. There was the usual evening rise in the last half hour before dusk.


Lakes – Members visited the lakes on 19 occasions and caught 19 trout including 3 over 2lbs. Most of the fish were caught from the lakes at Little Bognor where the springs keep the water cooler than the other lakes. Of the 18 fish caught at Little Bognor, 11 were returned. Trout were rising at Little Bognor early this morning.


River – Members visited the river on 20 occasions and caught 25 trout, including 7 over 2lbs. Only 4 fish were retained. The fish were caught on a wide variety of flies and most fish were caught late in the evening. The river is well stocked and a visit in the evening should produce a fish or two.