The summer heatwave continued with temperatures reaching over 35 degrees midweek. Fortunately the weather changed at the weekend, torrential rain and strong winds reduced the water temperature in the lakes to an average of 21 degrees. The bottom lake at Little Bognor was cooler at 18 degrees and the fish were rising well this morning. The river rose and became coloured which should encourage the sea trout to run upstream. The level in the river is now falling and the fish were rising for sedge flies this afternoon.

Lakes – Members visited the lakes on 18 occasions and caught 4 fish, all from Little Bognor. One fish was returned.


River – Members visited the river on 19 occasions and caught 7 trout, all from the lower beats. All of the fish, including one over 2lbs, were returned to the river. Early morning and late evening were the most productive times.

The very hot weather is forecast to return towards the end of the week but in the meantime, the lakes at Little Bognor and the river should fish well.