The weather last week was excellent for fishing. The river was at a good level and the water temperature of the lakes had dropped again. It was good to see members out in the autumn sunshine catching fish at both the river and lakes.


Lakes – Members fished the lakes on 46 occasions and caught 31 trout including 9 over 2lbs. Fish were caught at all of the lakes. Lower Figgs is being drained this week and left fallow over the winter to kill the weed.


River – Members fished the river on 20 occasions and caught 24 fish including 2 good sea trout and 2 wild fish. Fifteen fish were returned to the river. Fish were rising in the afternoon and into late evening. Black Gnat and Pheasant Tail nymphs were successful patterns. There are plenty of fish in the river and this afternoon they were rising frequently for midges.