Lakes – the weather throughout the week was excellent and members took the opportunity to visit all the lakes. Members visited the lakes on 74 occasions and caught a total of 125 trout, the catch was spread evenly across the lakes. A fish of 5lbs was caught at Upper Figgs and two wild trout were caught at Little Bognor. Members continued to return a high proportion of the fish, 91 were caught and released.

Midges are hatching in good numbers and fish were rising to the dry fly at Little Bognor this afternoon. Olives are starting to hatch at Little Springs. Large numbers of small roach are shoaling on the surface at Great Springs and Little Springs. The most productive fly last week was the Montana.


River – the river is in excellent condition and should provide good sport on Wednesday when it opens. The water is at a normal level and has lost the colour from the rain two weeks ago.