This update covers the last two weeks, there was no internet access in the wilds of Cumbria last week !

Lakes – during the first week of April trout were rising freely at Little Bognor taking buzzers. Either a dry fly or nymph fished just under the surface, produced a fish or two. Members visited the lakes on 52 occasions and caught a total of 95 trout, 79 of which were returned.

Last week the weather was bright and cold, members visited the lakes on 70 occasions and caught 116 trout, 88 of which were returned. A number of dead fish have been found at the lakes and this is thought to be the result of poor handling when returning the fish. If a fish is deeply hooked or bleeding, please do not return it.

A number of much larger rainbow trout have been stocked and members may wish to increase the strength of their tippets !


River – the water level and colour were perfect but the rain and snow showers discouraged members from visiting the river on opening morning. The water level was constant through the opening week. Last week the bright, cold conditions were not helpful. Three fish have been caught which is better than the opening weeks of last season when the Beast from the East made the river unfishable.

There is no weed cover at this time of year and a weighted nymph fished through the deeper pools and under bushes is the best tactic. Warmer weather is forecast for the end of the week and that may encourage the fish to feed.