A few mayfly were hatching at Little Springs over the weekend but the fish have switched to feeding on buzzers. The trout were rising at Little Bognor this afternoon and a black buzzer fished just under the surface should produce a few fish throughout the week.


Lakes – members visited the lakes on 60 occasions and caught a total of 34 fish. Nearly half of the visits were to Little Bognor where catch and release is still permitted. The water temperature at Great Springs this morning was 20 degrees.

River – the water level dropped slightly during the week, members visited the river on 12 occasions but no fish were caught.

River Day – a guided tour of the river is available to members and their friends on Sunday 30 June. The tour will start at Andrew’s cottage at 2:30pm and end at approximately 4:30pm. Refreshments, a map of the river and 4×4 transport along the river bank will be provided free of charge. Bring your rod and fish in the evening, the river level will have dropped by Sunday.