During the first week of June the river and lakes looked at their very best. A few mayfly continued to hatch together with damsel flies and buzzers. Several good fish were caught and the occasional rain kept the water temperature in the lakes low. The heavy rain at the end of the week was welcome and should have encouraged the sea trout to start running.


Heavy rain during the second week freshened up the lakes and flushed out the river. Two big fish were caught at Little Springs and Little Bognor continued to fish well, all of the trout caught there during that week were returned to the lakes. The river level rose and dropped back but remained coloured. The weather didn’t spoil the Orvis Day which was well attended and everyone had a good time trying out the rods and lines.


In the third week of June the mayfly hatch dwindled away and the fish switched to feeding on buzzers at all of the lakes. Fish were rising all day on the lower lake at Little Bognor which provided consistent sport throughout the week. Nearly half of the members visits to the lakes were to Little Bognor where catch and release continues. The river level dropped at the end of the week but the water remained coloured.


During the last week of the month the weather was hot and humid, ideal conditions for buzzers to hatch. Fish were rising at Great Springs and Little Bognor and could be caught on black buzzers or small nymphs fished just under the surface.


River Day – the scorching hot weather moderated on Sunday in time for the guided tour of the river. Andrew kick-sampled the new riffle and revealed the richness of the aquatic life. Brian Smart gave tips on tackle, casting and tactics for the river. Poppett provided refreshments and excellent sponge cakes, everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a very successful afternoon. A few mayfly were hatching and the river looked in excellent condition, it should fish well in early July.