Lat week the river level dropped back to its normal summer level and was not coloured, it looked good. The exceptionally bright, hot Bank Holiday weather made it uncomfortable for both the trout  and the angler.


Lakes – last week members visited the lakes on 34 occasions and caught 21 trout, 17 of which were caught at Little Bognor. A lot of the fish were caught on buzzers.

Buzzers or midges (Chironomidae – non biting midges) have two life cycle stages that interest the angler. The larva or bloodworm and the pupa. Pupa rise and fall in the water column and hang under the surface film before hatching.


The pupa is imitated by a variety of patterns which should be small, size 14 and under, and fished on a long leader. If the buzzer is allowed to sink slowly, without retrieving, the trout will gently take the fly and the tippet will move. A Klinkhammer or an Adams are good imitations of the emerging pupa and adult fly respectively.


River – members visited the river on 12 occasions and caught 3 trout, two of which were caught on a Pheasant Tail Nymph. The water is clear enough to be able to see feeding trout and the late evenings are the most productive time. Trout are also rising very early in the morning, around 7:00am.