The cold nights have reduced the water temperature, the river and lakes are in good condition and are producing more fish.


Lakes – the water temperature at Great Springs is 17 degrees. The temperature should continue to fall and encourage the trout to be more active and feed.

Last week members visited the lakes on 29 occasions and caught a total of 14 trout, 12 of which were caught at Little Bognor. A couple of trout were caught at Great Springs where active fish can be seen over the deeper water.


River – last week the trout were rising for midges in the evening but were also taking sedges and crane fly imitations.

Last week members visited the river on 22 occasions and caught 15 trout from the middle Beats.

During the day fish can be found under the trees and around weed beds using a nymph. In the evening the fish are prepared to rise in open water and can be caught on a dry fly.


Adams, Pheasant Tail and Walker’s Sedge are all good dry fly patterns to use at this time of year.

Flies – a selection of dry flies and nymphs for members to buy is kept in the fishing hut at Great Springs. If members wish to buy their own flies direct from the clubs suppliers, their details are below.

The barbed flies are bought from the Glasgow Angling Centre . . .

. . . and the barbless flies are bought from Flymail Fishing Flies, Aberystwyth . . .