Autumn poppies at Stag Park and a bumper crop of blackberries. The weather is a lot cooler and the chilly nights should soon reduce the water temperature in the lakes.


Lakes – last week members visited the lakes on 24 occasions and caught 9 trout, all of which came from Little Bognor. Six of the fish were returned.

This afternoon the trout were rising freely at Little Bognor, head-and-tailing for emerging buzzers.


River – last week members visited the river on 15 occasions and caught 9 trout from the middle beats, Keepers Bridge and Rotherbridge. Five of the fish were returned.


Crane fly (daddy-long-legs) imitations are worth trying at this time of year. They might bring a reluctant trout up to the surface.


A trout caught this afternoon on a Daddy, cast amongst the leaf debris on the surface of the lake and left to drift in the breeze.