During the first week of October the lakes were very productive but the river level was high, the water was coloured and no trout were caught. That was the pattern for the rest of October. Most of the fish were caught at Little Bognor.


In the second week it was very wet and windy. The emphasis shifted slightly and a lot of trout were caught from Great Springs.


The third week of October was exceptionally good and members caught a lot of large trout from all of the rainbow lakes.


The last week of October saw strong winds and heavy rain but during the spells of better weather some magnificent trout were caught including an 8lbs+ fish from Great Springs.


During the first week of November members visited the lakes on 30 occasions and caught 11 trout, 8 of which were returned.

A fish of 9lbs was caught at Luffs and returned to the lake. Great Springs and Little Springs produced most of the fish and a trout of 5lbs was caught in each of those lakes.

Big fish still remain in the lakes and the more settled weather this week will provide an opportunity to finish the season with a monster.