Cormorants – The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in close partnership with Natural England, has launched an online consultation about the control of wild birds eg. Cormorants and other fish eating birds. The closing date for representations is 5 December. Representations are invited from both individual anglers and fishing clubs.

Please use the link to read the Angling Trusts news item about the consultation and make representations to DEFRA to protect our lakes and the river from predation.


Lakes – last week was a very good week on the lakes.

Members visited the lakes on 56 occasions and caught 39 trout, 25 of which were returned. One member and his guests caught the following: 1 x 8lb 8ozs from Upper Figgs, 2 x 5lbs, 1 x 6lb 8ozs, 11 x 1-2lbs and a blue trout of 3lbs during four visits ! Most fish were caught from Great Springs and Little Springs.


River – heavy rain and high winds spoilt the last week of the season on the river.

Members visited the river on 6 occasions and caught 2 trout, both at Keepers Bridge. The river is now closed until next season.


End of Season Lunch – David Taylor has arranged an informal lunch at the Badgers, Coultershaw Bridge on Tuesday 12 November at 1:00pm. If you want to go, please contact David at or 07535 679879 so that he can give the pub numbers to cater for.

Welcome to Badgers…