The featured image at the top of the page is a Mayfly Dun trapped in the surface film, it was a very windy day and some of the emerging flies were swamped. The image immediately above shows a Mayfly that managed to escape the surface film and is resting on a leaf.


This female avoided the swallows and made it to the trees beside Little Springs. The empty nymph shucks are 3-4cm in length.



This male spinner is resting on the electric fence at Rotherbridge. There was a good fall of spinners this evening.

Lakes – Wednesday was very cold and the north wind meant thick jumpers and heavy jackets. The Mayfly hatched from noon until early evening and the fish rose sporadically as the sun broke through the clouds. The weather improved throughout the week and there were good hatches of Mayfly and midges. There were a few Grannom at Little Bognor.


Members visited the lakes on 35 occasions and caught 41 fish of which 30 were returned. Luffs produced the most fish. Popular flies were Pheasant Tail nymph, damsel nymph and dry Mayfly.


River  – the river looked in perfect condition, the riverscape has changed due to the winter floods, particularly at Ladymead. The banks have been trimmed and some new access points made.

Members visited the river on 9 occasions and caught 8 fish including 6 wild trout. All of the fish were returned.