The extremely hot, bright weather and high winds on Friday made fishing difficult but late afternoon and early evening were productive. Mayfly are hatching along the river and midges are hatching in vast numbers at Little Bognor. A dry Mayfly in the evening on the river or a small buzzer just under the surface at Little Bognor should produce a fish or two.

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 72 occasions and caught 53 fish, 30 which were returned. Little Bognor produced 22 fish and 10 were caught at Luffs.


River – Mayfly are hatching sporadically and fish are rising during the early evening. If you can find a rising fish and approach it quietly, there is a good chance that you will catch. The fish are very spooky and a stealthy approach is essential. Don’t wear a white shirt, don’t stand in full view of the fish or cast a shadow on the water. Keep the sun in your face, use the cover to conceal yourself and ‘rest’ the fish if it rejects your fly.

Members visited the river on 36 occasions and caught 26 fish, 23 of which were returned including 11 wild fish. Two of the wild fish were over 1lb.

Please email your catch returns to including nil returns as this helps with stocking.