Tuesday Club fly tying

This update covers 5 October to 19 October.

Week 1Lakes: members visited the lakes on 39 occasions and caught 89 trout, 46 of which were returned. Three of the fish were over 6lbs and the biggest was 6lb 12ozs. Three other fish weighed over 4lbs. The fish were caught mainly from the rainbow lakes.

River: members visited the river on 9 occasions and caught 12 fish including a sea trout of 3lbs. Nine of the trout were returned.

This was probably the best week of the season so far, in terms of the numbers and size of trout that were caught.

Week 2 – Lakes: members visited the lakes on 34 occasions and caught 41 trout. Several fish were over 5lbs and the heaviest was 6lb 6ozs. All of the trout were rainbows, 19 were returned.

River: members visited the river on 10 occasions and caught 7 fish, 6 of which were returned. The recent rain should encourage more sea trout upstream.