This update covers the last four weeks, 26 October to 16 November.

Week ending 26 October

Members visited the river on 8 occasions, caught 4 fish and returned 3.

The lakes were very busy, members made 61 visits and caught 67 trout, 41 of which were returned. A trout of 7lb 10ozs was caught together with 2 over 6lbs.

Week ending 2 November

Members made two visits to the river but caught nothing.

The lakes again performed well. During 11 visits members caught 29 trout, 4 of which were over 6lbs and 28 were returned.

Week ending 9 November

The river closed at the end of October.

Members visited the lakes on 44 occasions and caught 25 trout, 1 of which was a wild fish. One trout weighed 5lbs, 7 fish were returned to the lakes.

Week ending 16 November

Members visited the lakes on 27 occasions and caught 28 trout, including 1 wild fish, 17 trout were returned. Four trout over 4lbs and 2 over 3lbs were caught.