A nice fish from the Rother

This report covers the last two weeks of the season.

Week ending 23 November

Members visited the lakes on 21 occasions and caught a total of 16 fish, 9 of which were returned.

A junior member caught fish of 5lbs and 6lbs from Great Springs and returned both fish, well done !

2 wild fish were caught at Little Bognor, one weighed 1lb and the other was 4ozs which indicates that the trout are successfully spawning in the stream between the two lakes.

The river was closed during November

Week ending 30 November

Members visited the lakes on 42 occasions and caught 20 trout, 16 of which were returned. Four fish over 4lbs were caught and 1 over 3lbs.

It was an unusual season but some excellent fishing, both on the Rother and the lakes, at the end of the season compensated for the brief interruption to our sport.