Little Springs

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 57 occasions and caught a total of 117 trout, 90 of which were returned. Ice in the rod rings at 6:30am today didn’t prevent a member from catching a trout at Lower Figgs.

Cold morning

The strong, very cold north-west wind made the fishing difficult but two trout over 4lbs were caught at Great Springs and fish of 8lb and 6lb were caught at Luffs.

a good brown trout

The top lake at Little Bognor produced more fish than the lower lake.

top lake at Little Bognor

River – members fished the river on 3 occasions and one fish was caught at the Fish Pass. The water level is slightly higher than normal and the water has a green tint but is fishable. The fish were rising at the New Riffle and taking terrestrial flies blown on to the water by the strong winds.