Beat B

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 58 occasions and caught a total of 91 trout, 73 of which were returned. A trout of 4lb was caught at Little Springs. Half of the fish caught were from Great Springs and Little Springs. The usual variety of flies appeared in the returns; Blue Flash Damsel, Black Spider, GRHE, buzzers and Adams.

Little Springs

River – members visited the river on 9 occasions and caught a total of 3 fish, two of which were sea trout smolts.


A lot of the trout in the lakes have been caught and released, they are starting to shy away from big flashy flies. Nymphs or buzzers fished near the surface are more likely to succeed.

Sea trout smolts can be identified from their silvery appearance and eyes that are slightly larger than a resident brown trout. These fish, nearly all females, are migrating downstream to the sea to feed, they will return as mature sea trout.

If a smolt is caught by accident, sea trout are out of season in the Southern bylaw region until 30 April, it must be returned immediately without being handled. Slip the barbless hook out of the fish and return it from the landing net after giving it time to recover. Sea trout smolts fight above their weight and might need a few minutes to recover. These small sea trout are future 10lb-ers.