Mayfly header image courtesy of David Taylor.

Trout rising well for Mayfly

The wet and windy weather is keeping the water temperature down, the lakes are full and the trout are rising.

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 113 occasions and caught 157 trout, 119 of which were returned. Fish were caught from every lake on a wide variety of wet and dry patterns. Trout of 3lbs, 4lbs(4) and 5.5lbs were caught, it was an exceptionally good week.

Mayfly, Olives and Alder flies are hatching all day but the hatch is most prolific around lunch time.

The wind blew this Mayfly into the margin of the lakes, trout were feeding close to the bank

River – The wet and windy weather has not helped the fishing conditions on the river. The water level has been high all week. One member visited the river and caught a trout which was returned.

Less rain is forecast for this week and hopefully the river level will drop.