Evening at Little Springs

The weather was better for fishing last week and the insect life was prolific, particularly at Great Springs where mayfly, olives, alder flies and buzzers all hatched at the same time. The trout rose freely at Luffs and the brown trout at Little Bognor fed on buzzers and sedges.

Lakes – members visited the lakes on 107 occasions and caught a total of 137 trout, 107 of which were returned. Great Springs produced 3 fish of 4lbs 8ozs and a 4lb trout was caught and returned at Little Bognor. The fish were caught on a wide variety of both dry flies and nymphs.

4lb brownie from Little Bognor

River – members visited the river on 8 occasions and caught 7 trout, all of which were returned. Mayfly nymphs and dry flies were successful.

The warm, dry bank holiday weather enabled the river to return to a normal level and hatches of mayfly should give good sport next week.