This update covers the last two weeks, 17 August – 1 September, including the Bank Holiday weekend.

Lakes – Members visited the lakes on 67 occasions and caught 24 trout, 14 of which were returned at Little Bognor. Successful flies were Adams, midge, Klinkhammer and buzzers.

River – Members visited the river on 40 occasions and caught 49 trout, 42 of which were returned. The total catch included 6 wild fish and a 4lber. A few fish were caught on dry fly but various nymphs were more successful.


The AGM and summer BBQ is on Saturday, 18th September 2021 beginning at midday at Great Springs.

There will be no attendance charge but a burger, drink and packet of crisps will cost £5 per person. Guests are welcome and standard club rules apply if they wish to fish, the cost being £15 per person to include the taking of up to two fish which will count towards your annual allowance of 25.

Please let the club know if you wish to attend, including numbers of guests and your food requirements, by emailing or calling the office. 

River Day

The River Day is on Sunday 5th September from 4pm. It provides members with an opportunity to look at the river with Andrew Thompson and to hear more about its habitat, fly life and good places to fish.